Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co., Ltd. Nanjing day tour


Nanjing as "the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, ten dynasties", has 6000 years of history of civilization, has a history of several Chinese blessing South Korea has long been China political economic and cultural center, has a rich cultural heritage and rich historical relics. In early summer, sunny, in order to let everyone feel the charm of ancient civilization, the company organized a one-day tour of Nanjing for.

The play a total of three attractions, one to "China's second major museums" known as the Nanjing Museum, two is known as the "Jinling pearl" of Xuanwu Lake, the four is one of China's top three Confucius temple Confucious'temple.

Although only one day, but we have a lot of different experience, visit the Nanjing Museum, the museum collections eye-opening let everyone, we have said, to see these collections, and feel closer to history.

For lunch, we will start the afternoon trip in the best of spirits, one to Xuanwu Lake, everyone was immediately attracted to the sparkling lake, the glittering lake as a mirror. The shore of the lake with many branches of willow, shaking slightly in the wind blows. We stroll around the lake, talking and laughing, very comfortable.

Nanjing is the last leg of the tour, Confucius temple, as China largest traditional city streets, is a group of large-scale ancient buildings, now known as the shopping mecca, the street has a special snack and with the diversiform cultural characteristics of small objects, we invariably choose to enter the shop, with.

One day, happy, everyone in the city enjoy the scenery at the same time, relax the mood, the growth of knowledge, reflects the company's emphasis on physical and mental health care for employees, employees of the enterprise culture, everyone said the tour is very meaningful.