The National Working Committee of the harmonica professional ceremony was held successfully


In May 7th the Ministry of culture and art talent talent pool, the National Working Committee for harmonica professional launch ceremony was held in Tianjin, sponsored by the Tianjin sound of Media Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Swan musical instruments Co. Ltd. provides exclusive sponsorship. General manager Mr. Huang Wensheng, director of the national harmonica Professional Committee of Tianjin sound of media limited company chairman Chen Hongmei swan, Ms. Gao Shuyun made the ebullience speech at the launching ceremony, ceremony and wish a complete success!

The ceremony by the famous host of CCTV Guan Yang presided over the National Working Committee for the approval of the Ministry of culture is a professional harmonica harmonica only official training grading mechanism, marking the instrument has been approved by the state, he will do the same and other instruments can be boarded in good taste. Start standard harmonica grading, is a new measure of improving the quality of the popularization of harmonica music, is an important means of promoting instrumental music in the classroom. National higher normal schools, is expected to open the harmonica courses to train more professional talents to play harmonica harmonica, to promote the development of industry will play a positive role in promoting.

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