The 2016 annual meeting of the new Jiangsu Swan musical instrument company


In February 4th, 1:30 pm, our theme is "a hundred years to do business, the first brand" of the new year will be held in a garden of god.

At the beginning of the year, Chen, chairman of the 2015 annual report on the work of the year 2016 and the goal of the work of the report, published an annual summary of the new year and the new year outlook, the outstanding staff of each work position also made a statement.

In 2015 the company seriously implement various economic indicators in early development, adhere to product tuning, pragmatic and hard work, to force forward, tough tackling, continuous innovation, never climbed the peak of the spirit, and achieved remarkable results. To sum up experience, establish the typical advanced incentive, in recognition of the 2015 annual "excellent staff", set up a dedicated marketing award, award, development innovation award and other ten awards. Designed to increase the company's cohesion, and create a good atmosphere for everyone to contribute to the company.

Activities will be fully prepared, each department, and actively participate in the workshop, not only shows, more lucky draw, make new luck and happiness to each staff, all employees of the company reflects the spirit of equal to anything.

Last 2015, all employees to work and forge ahead of the new year, 2016, is the company keep the advantage of creating a new situation in the development of a swan, excellent staff commended will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of the past, continuous innovation, play an exemplary vanguard role, together to create "Swan" 100 corporate goals!