Swan Company was awarded "national key cultural export enterprise"

2021-09-19 14:43:38

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of culture and tourism and the State Administration of radio, film and television jointly identified Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co., Ltd. as a "national key cultural export enterprise" from 2021 to 2022. One belt, one road, is to encourage and support our cultural enterprises to participate in international competition, expand exports of cultural products and services, and promote "one belt and one way" international cooperation, thus promoting the development of foreign cultural trade.

In recent years, swan musical instruments have been thoroughly implementing the national cultural development strategy, actively exploring the influence of the "Swan" brand culture in the fields of instrumental performance, competition, teaching, exhibition and social public welfare, further promoting the export market of cultural products, optimizing production resources, adjusting the structure of cultural products, increasing investment in automatic production equipment, and expanding the "Swan" harmonica The export market share of organ, Clarinet and other musical instrument products.

Swan Company will take the "national key cultural export enterprise" as an opportunity to further build the "Swan" brand, meet the needs of the international market, build the "Swan" brand into an internationally famous first brand, and make due contributions to the national cultural cause.