Swan musical instrument 2021 one-day tour of Yangzhou World Horticultural Expo

2021-05-08 14:36:59

With beautiful spring and flowers in full bloom, it is the best season for travel. On May 7, swan company organized its employees to visit the 2021 Yangzhou World Horticultural Expo. There are 64 exhibition parks in the park, which jointly deduce the era melody of "green city, healthy life" and show the charm of garden art.

Walking in the East-West Park of Yangzhou Expo, one exhibition garden after another is in full bloom. With five core scenic spots, including International Pavilion, China Pavilion, opening and closing ceremony Pavilion, Yuanye garden and Biyun village, the spatial structure of "one axis, two veins, five hearts and eight areas" is formed. The Panda House and dream waterfall left a deep impression on everyone and made people linger and forget to return. Members of the Swan Harmonica Association played melodious melodies against the background of the sea of flowers, which attracted tourists to stop and watch, and played a prelude Sonata for the team development activity.

Through the annual team development activities, employees enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, enjoy the happiness of travel after work, fully reflect the spirit of solidarity, mutual assistance and cooperation of the staff team, and enhance their sense of participation and responsibility to the collective, so as to stimulate the team's higher work enthusiasm and the driving force of struggle and innovation. Affected by the epidemic last year, it failed to organize employee development activities. This year, under the condition of stable epidemic situation, swan company actively prepared to better provide this welfare for employees and show the humanistic care of Swan musical instruments.