Swan won the "advanced enterprise" in the industry's "brand year" activity

2021-05-01 14:35:46

On the afternoon of April 27, swan musical instrument won the honor of "advanced enterprise" in the "brand year" activity of China's musical instrument industry at the second director (expansion) meeting of the eighth session and the second executive director meeting of the eighth session of China Musical Instrument Association.

2020 is the "brand year" of China's musical instrument industry. In response to the "three products" work promoted by China musical instrument association with "increasing variety", "improving quality" and "creating brand" as the core content, swan musical instruments have made remarkable achievements in developing new products, opening up new markets, improving product quality and service quality, and optimizing Swan dreamer brand in the past year. At the beginning of 2021, swan musical instrument held a new year concert and product brand concert to show the brand image of swan.

Swan musical instruments will continue to explore and deepen the influence of "Swan" brand culture on instrumental performance, competition, teaching and social welfare, further strengthen brand publicity and develop marketable new products. With "culture" as the main line and "brand" construction as the core, expand, strengthen and refine the "Swan" brand.