To commemorate the 95 anniversary of the incoming sponsored Swan harmonica Chinese cum first harmonica grading board meeting


On November 11th, the 95 anniversary of the introduction of Chinese harmonica memorial activities in the birthplace of Chinese harmonica music -- was held in Tianjin. Since 1921 in China harmonica events like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, become the most popular musical instruments known to all, until now, Chinese harmonica culture has a history of 95 years, the Swan instruments as a sponsor of the event, and sent a deputy general manager Chen Tao made a special trip to ken5gratju5leifen.

The event, from Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Lanzhou and other places of the harmonica predecessors passion to help speech, portrait of dedication, let the fans enjoy, meeting a complete success.

The swan is carrying the harmonica culture, the harmonica is relying on the spirit of the swan, swan as has thirty years of history of the brand, with the common development of the cause of the Swan harmonica, so far, cannot do without the help and support of the majority of the harmonica enthusiasts, in the future, the swan will also use its own brand advantages, make greater contribution to the development of the cause of the harmonica!