Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co., Ltd. Tianmu Lake one day tour


Autumn is mature, it is not so shy the spring, summer is so open, so to winter. Autumn's beauty is rational - it is not as charming as spring, summer so hot, winter so subtle.

Facing the fall of the United States and cool, more than 200 employees of the Swan Company under the leadership of the leadership, has come to Huaxi Village, Changzhou, Jiangyin, Tianmu Lake and other scenic spots to visit.

Huaxi Village as "the best in all the land, although the age-old Village building, but can still imagine from its buildings on a scale to its former glory.

In the Tianmu Lake area, we take a boat to play several distinctive Tianmu Lake on the island, the island, aerial acrobatics, Spansion minority song and dance performances and other special activities to let people linger; eyeful spring dizzying birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers. We are attracted by the beautiful scenery of nature, between the pictures and enjoy the joy of travel and relaxation, breathing the fresh air, the busy and tired has been replaced by nature brings fresh and pleasant. End tourism in the back of the car, we communicate with each other, to feel the other travel to bring their own feelings. Tourism employees agreed to return to their jobs again, with work performance to thank the company for their care and love, sacrifice their own strength for the development of the swan!

The company in the organization of the staff travel, so that employees can relax in the intense work, to fully enjoy the natural scenery, the growth of knowledge, the harvest of everyone's laughter, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the staff's work enthusiasm, enhance the staff's sense of honor and the sense of belonging, carry forward the "people-oriented" spirit of enterprise culture, let everyone put more full of spirit and enthusiasm to work and life.