Tianjin golden harmonica classroom courses


Tianjin golden harmonica classroom is run jointly by our company and the Tianjin gold harp art exchange center network curriculum activities by the Tianjin harmonica leader Yang Sheng teacher, the best network video form, commenced in May 10, 2015.

Yang Sheng teacher according to years of teaching experiences, starting from the basic elements of music, focuses on solving the harmonica playing method which only concentrate, do not explain how to start from the basic movements of the interpretation of these playing problems, starting from the most basic music notation, and blow at the same time. To solve some piano, palyers will sing will blow the piano and not know the spectrum problem and solve the foundation started from zero, from the problem of synchronization and music.

The network teaching activities, but also our company for the popularity of harmonica education, promote a try and explore the harmonica culture, hope through the network teaching activities, can provide a learning platform for the majority of the harmonica enthusiasts, enhance the level and skills of playing the harmonica.

Let us work together for the development of the harmonica culture, create brilliant career harmonica.