The first China Art Festival and the "Swan harmonica harmonica Oriental Cup" Grand Prix success


Jointly organized by the Jiangsu Swan musical instrument Co. Ltd. and other units of the first Chinese harmonica harmonica Festival Grand Prix held in Beijing in August 2, 2015.

Company chairman Chen Hongmei as one of the organizers, with the Harmonica Orchestra marketing team, participated in the festival competition. The event was invited to the president of South Korea, the world harmonica harmonica Association Li Huifeng master Zhang Yagao (Malaysia), He Jiayi (USA), Beijing Harmonica Orchestra deputy head Bai Wensheng as guest judges.

After three days of preliminary and final, "Oriental Swan -" glass harmonica championship success, this is a national harmonica harmonica enthusiasts feast, is showing There was no parallel in history., platform. The game is divided into primary school and secondary school groups and adult groups, different age stages of the contestants were playing their own good songs, there are also a solo, ensemble, contestants are from a preliminary final, should not be underestimated, the international contest judges Zhang Yagao, He Jiayi teacher "tut tut" praised the players level the scale of the event, almost equal to the world competition!

After scoring link is relatively strict, votes to elect the crown, runner up, at the link also give my company to provide prizes through the harmonica harmonica, Grand Prix, let us see the professional harmonica and some new harmonica enthusiasts, all through the game discussion and exchange, and jointly promote the development of the cause of the Harmonica may, the Harmonica Festival last forever.